The main building of the museum complex was constructed in 1910 as a home for the park superintendent and his family. It was originally built near the center of the park and moved to its present location in 1916. Since the early 1990s, the city has allowed the Virginia Area Historical Society rent-free use of the building for its museum.

Exhibits in the main building showcase the history of Virginia, the city's devastating fires, the logging and lumbering industries, the electric railway, and the beautiful gardens of Olcott Park. The public is welcome to use the media center to view historical presentations, search the archive and artifact database on computer, and watch videos of area history on television.

The building is enhanced with stained glass windows which
are from the former Presbysterian Church in Mountain Iron.

Fires that swept through Virginia in 1893 and 1900.

Virginia & Rainy Lake Sawmill Company and Bailey's Sawmill Company.

Logging Exhibit

Replica of William Bailey's office in his sawmill company.


Gunnar Peterson Exhibit.

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